Interactive Experience

In 2009, one of the universities where Steven Doran teaches asked, “Can you teach a ‘blogging in English’ course?” With keen enthusiasm he said, “sure thing!” At the time, he had little knowledge about blogging, so he set up the course on the Google “Blogspot” platform. It worked well, but when the year ended he searched for something he could better customize in order to provide a more interactive experience for students.

Blogging in English

That’s when he discovered WordPress – an open source content management system (CMS) platform – which he used to create WORLITOPand the Blogging in ENGLISH course. Since then, his ideas about learning have changed forever. With a few books and hundreds of self-taught hours of web development, he launched Blogging in ENGLISH on WORLITOP in April 2010 and began teaching the first group of students using this new platform. Initially, it was slow and a bit buggy, but they completed the first semester without any disasters.

Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™

Since then, Blogging in ENGLISH has become Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™. The biggest difference is the customized comment and reply writing software, and customized evaluation and assessment software – both developed for and used exclusively on Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™. Also, WORLITOP hosts three additional course platforms taught at five universities in Japan:

  • Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™ (Bunkyo University and Daito Bunka University)
  • CHANGE your LIFE & Maybe the WORLD (Waseda University)
  • MONEY: Past, Present & FUTURE (Waseda University)
  • The World According to TED / Communication in ACTION (Aoyama Gakuin University, Bunkyo University, Nihon University)

Online Learning

WORLITOP™ is a fast & secure, advertisement free, password protected web application used for online learning. Although some pages can be publicly accessed, Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™ (and the other courses) requires member login.

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