Interactive Experience

In 2009, a university approached Steven Doran with a request: “Can you teach a ‘blogging in English’ course?” Excited by the opportunity, Steven immediately agreed, saying, “Sure thing!” Despite his limited knowledge about blogging, he decided to set up the course using the Google “Blogspot” platform. This choice served well initially, but as the year progressed, Steven noticed a growing need for a platform that could offer more customization options. This was crucial for fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment for his students. Motivated by this feedback and his desire to enhance the educational experience, he began searching for a solution that allowed for greater flexibility and interaction.

Blogging in English

When Steven discovered WordPress — an open source content management system (CMS) renowned for its flexibility and customization capabilities — he knew he had found the perfect tool for his vision. This platform enabled him to create WORLITOP™ and redesign the Blogging in ENGLISH course from the ground up. This decision marked a pivotal shift in his approach to teaching and learning. Armed with a few select books and dedicating hundreds of hours to self-taught web development, Steven launched the course on WORLITOP™ in April 2010, ready to teach his first group of students on this innovative platform. Though the initial launch was met with its share of challenges — slow loading times and occasional bugs — the course successfully completed its first semester without any major issues. This experience not only transformed Steven’s teaching methodology but also left an indelible mark on his educational philosophy, proving that with the right tools and a willingness to learn, teaching methodologies can evolve significantly.

Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™

Since its inception, Blogging in ENGLISH has evolved into Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™, reflecting a broader ambition to equip students with essential communication skills in today’s digital age. This transformation is most notably marked by the introduction of two major innovations: customized comment and reply writing software, and a unique evaluation and assessment system. These tools, developed specifically for Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™, are used exclusively on the platform, enhancing both the teaching and learning experience through tailored feedback and precise assessments of student progress. Furthermore, the WORLITOP™ platform has expanded its educational offerings, now hosting three additional course platforms. These courses, currently taught at five universities across Japan, represent a diverse range of subjects designed to meet the needs of modern students. This expansion not only signifies the growing influence of Steven’s educational vision but also highlights the adaptability and relevance of the courses in addressing the communication challenges of the 21st century.

  • Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™ (Bunkyo University and Daito Bunka University)
  • CHANGE your LIFE & Maybe the WORLD (Waseda University)
  • MONEY: Past, Present & FUTURE (Waseda University)
  • The World According to TED / Communication in ACTION (Aoyama Gakuin University, Bunkyo University, Nihon University)

Online Learning

WORLITOP™ stands out as a fast, secure, and advertisement-free web application dedicated to online learning. Its design prioritizes a seamless and focused educational experience, ensuring that learners and educators interact within a distraction-free environment. While WORLITOP™ offers certain resources that the public can access, it safeguards its comprehensive courses, including Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™, behind a password-protected member login. This setup maintains the privacy and exclusivity of the educational content, allowing only registered members to access these specialized courses. This balance between open resources and secure, member-only content underlines the WORLITOP™ commitment to both educational outreach and the protection of its users’ learning experience.

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