CLASS 3: Practice & PRESENT

image of a man giving a presentation to a small group of people

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Practice giving your presentation to your group members. You should be able to speak for about two minutes when you present. Make sure you read and speak NATURALLY so people can easily understand what you say, and be sure to pause occasionally and look at the audience. Good luck!

Points (5 pts-perfect / 4 pts-good / 3 pts-not bad / 2 pts-not good / 1 pt-huh?) are given for each the following FIVE (5) items:

  1. Understandability – grammar/word choice/clear & easy to understand
  2. Voice – clear & easy to hear/pronunciation/intonation/volume
  3. Opinion – good, original, interesting/leads to discussion
  4. Presentation style – natural/smooth/without stops & starts
  5. Presentation worksheet – neat/easy to understand/correct