WORLI-TOPIC™ 02: ENVIRONMENT – An Inconvenient Sequel

image of a polar bear stranded on floating ice

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Here’s a story about the critical, environmental tipping point we face on a global scale in terms of what we must do now in order to save the planet and human race.


Do you know all of Mother Earth’s resources – things like the air we breathe and water we drink – are limited? Another resource – which causes catastrophic problems for the planet shared by nearly 8 billion brothers and sisters – is the fossil fuels we use for almost every aspect of our lives and how it’s a major cause of global warming. Simply, the more we burn the hotter our dear mother gets, year by year.

All together

“Yes, we know. We’ve all heard and read this countless times … so what are we going to do about it?”

An Inconvenient TRUTH

One person who knows global warming is Al Gore – the U.S. vice president under Bill Clinton for eight years (yes, we know). Before, during, and after his time in office, Gore’s life mission has been to educate the world about the dangers of climate change (we know). In fact, he made a movie called “An Inconvenient TRUTH” (again, yes … we know). Since then, he made another movie called “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

Read & LEARN

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Make your voice HEARD

In the trailer, Gore says the next generation would be justified in looking back at us and asking, “What were you thinking!? Couldn’t you hear what the scientists were saying!? Couldn’t you hear what mother nature was screaming at you!?” He passionately exclaims, “It’s right to save humanity! It’s wrong to pollute this Earth! It’s right to give hope to the future generation!” Enter Greta Thunberg: the driving force behind today’s justifiably angry youth – making her voice heard.

The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg


Greta’s 2018 presentation (above) is a powerful introduction to her perspective on climate change. She says the one thing we need more than hope is action – and once we have action, hope is everywhere. In her 2019 presentation (below) she’s more passionate in terms of her feelings about what’s happening – and what’s not. In fact, she reprimands world leaders with her exclamation, “How dare you … we’ll be watching you!

Greta Thunberg at the Climate Action Summit 2019



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  • Time to make your voice heard. Greta says the climate crisis has been solved. We have the facts and solutions, so all we need to do is wake up and change. What are we going to do? What about you? What’s your solution? Greta says we can’t save the planet by playing by the rules because they have to be changed. What do you think? Explain.
  • What do you think about the politicians and scientists who deny the existence of global warming, in spite of the overwhelming evidence? Greta says if they really understood, but still kept failing to act, they would be evil. She refuses to believe this. What’s their motivation for not taking action? What do you believe? Explain.
  • In the trailer, a voice overs says, “It’s crunch time at the climate change conference … still have some really tough negotiations going on”. What kind of negotiations? Is there time for discussion? The time for action is now, but will soon be gone. What do you think? Explain.
  • In the trailer, Gore says, “Don’t let anyone tell you we’re going to get on rocket ships and live on Mars – this is our home.” It seems he thinks he’s got the exclusive regarding the solution to solving humanity’s existential crisis, and doesn’t recognize the fact we may fail in our efforts to save the planet. In other words, why do you think he rejects entrepreneurial, privately owned space (SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.) company “Plan B” solutions to save the human race? Explain.


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