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Most people would agree, things like sports, business, and life in general require a group effort when it comes to “getting the job done”. Such is the case for WORLITOP. Since its humble beginnings in October of 2010, WORLITOPhas relied on the time and energy of talented people in order to help get the job done. So without further fanfare, please take a moment and meet the team.

Steven Doran / Managing Director

Steven has been teaching topic-based courses at colleges and universities in Japan since May 1999. With an undergraduate degree in business / marketing management, a master’s degree in applied linguistics, and thousands of hours of Internet design, networking, and programming experience – he brings a unique combination of knowledge and skill to the table as the managing director of WORLITOP International, LLC. He’s also the chief content creator, lead web developer, and senior evaluation & assessment specialist here at WORLITOP.

Michael “MJR” Russell / e-Learning Content


Michael has also been teaching English at colleges and universities in Japan since 1996. With an undergraduate degree in economics, and a master’s degree in applied linguistics, he specializes in the creation and development of e-Learning content, earning him the title of “Master of MEDIA” here at WORLITOP.

John Stuart / Japan University Relations


John has been doing business in Japan since 1986. With an undergraduate degree in business administration, and a master’s degree in advanced Japanese studies, he has extensive experience managing operations, personnel, and translation at English language schools. In addition, his excellent Japanese language ability makes him the “Go to GUY” for universities here at WORLITOP.

Zach Adams / Web Developer Extraordinaire


Zach has been working as a professional web developer since 2010, and specializes in server performance, security, and management, as well as the creation of highly customized functionality for content management (CM) platforms. As a result, his experience and enthusiasm for service and perfection have earned him the rank of “Digital JEDI” here at WORLITOP.

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