Better COMMUNICATION in Social Media™ / Certificate of COMPLETION

Zach Adams:

Congratulations! You finished the Better COMMUNICATION in Social Media™ practical (fun!) online writing course, and your certificate number is 0003015. Here’s a summary of your quiz/exam, and comment and reply writing achievements:

  • 1st QUIZ – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • 2nd QUIZ – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • 3rd QUIZ – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • You successfully wrote a TOTAL of – 3,247 words.
  • You received 240 POINTS out of 240 – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • Your average COMMENT/REPLY SCORE (including “0{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9}” scores) – 85{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} GOOD!
  • Your FINAL GRADE – 90{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} GREAT.

QUIZ/EXAM Analysis:

Your weighted (50{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} for the 1st QUIZ, 25{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} for the 2nd QUIZ, 25{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} for the 3rd QUIZ) average of all three quizzes is 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9}. Based on these numbers – it’s completely clear you carefully read WORLI-TUTORIALS™ and took notes in order to learn the TEN (10) STEPS – that’s PERFECT!!


You received 240 points out of 240 which equals 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9}. Based on these numbers – it’s completely clear you did all of the work writing comments and replies with the required number of words every week – that’s PERFECT!!

(and so on … below as usual)