Zach Adams:

Here’s information about your quiz scores. You can take the quizzes as many times as you want in order to get a good/the best score.


  • 1st QUIZ – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • 2nd QUIZ – 100{9d633cee527d9234259d36b1d6b14e9d473eec0371c5fa3863a6582b6b1f96a9} PERFECT!!
  • 3rd QUIZ – no score yet
  • 4th QUIZ – no score yet
  • 5th QUIZ – no score yet
  • 6th QUIZ – no score yet


  • There’s no other information beyond the 6th (the final) quiz.
  • Regarding the OG admin page for this, I will have the same information for each quiz (nothing regarding points and scores for comments and replies because there are no comments and replies), but the OG admin page will include the average of the scores. In other words, the students will not have the average of the scores.
  • Students can take the quizzes as many times as they want, so the information here on this page (as well as on the OG admin page) needs to automatically update with the most recent score for each quiz.
  • Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let me know … thank you!