Better COMMUNICATION in the 21st Century™ / A Practical & Fun! Online WRITING Course

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Practical & Fun! Online Writing

Better COMMUNICATION in the 21 Century™ is a 6-week practical and fun online writing course that gives YOU a private community where you learn to think in different ways about the world surrounding you, as well as beyond your usual scope and reach.

Here’s What You Do

  • REGISTER FOR FREE – no credit card required
  • Take the first two (2) weeks for FREE
  • If you want to continue (weeks 3-6) you pay $145
  • If you want to continue (weeks 3-6) you pay $95
  • If you don’t want to continue there’s no payment – GUARANTEED

Next Course Starts March 1st –
Deadline to register is 11 pm (EST) March 1st

  • CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW (not available yet)

Course Reviews


  • QUESTION: Why does the course only cost $95 instead of $145?
  • ANSWER: In the past, WORLITOP™ partnered with community colleges who promoted our course to their learners, but the way community colleges do business has changed, so we are able to promote the course directly and give learners the benefit of a $50 savings.
  • QUESTION: Can I really register and take the first two weeks for free?
  • ANSWER: Yes. Typically, community colleges require learners to go through an extensive registration process and pay for courses in advance. Because we now promote the course directly, you can register and take the first two weeks for free.
  • QUESTION: If I decide to continue taking the course after the first two weeks, how do I pay?
  • ANSWER: WORLITOP™ has partnered with PayPal, so you can securely pay with your credit card or PayPal account.
  • QUESTION: If I don’t want to continue, what do I do?
  • ANSWER: The system will see you did not continue, and send a confirmation email asking if you want to keep your account for future courses, or have your account and registration information deleted.
  • QUESTION: What kind of writing course is it?
  • ANSWER: It’s an online course where you learn a practical and fun style of writing. Week 1 you study WORLI-TUTORIALS™ and then take three quizzes. Week 2 you read the first WORLI-TOPIC™, watch the video, and write your first comment. You then read and evaluate other learner comments, choose one, and write a reply. If you decide to continue, you write comments and replies for different topics in weeks 3-6. After you register for the course (and before you begin), there are more details about requirements, learner outcomes, and the weekly schedule and activities. After you successfully complete the course, you receive a certificate of completion.
  • QUESTION: How do I register? What information do I need to provide?
  • ANSWER: The link to register is above. You need to provide your first name, last name, and email. You also need to create a unique username.