Better COMMUNICATION in Social Media™ / A Practical (fun!) Online WRITING Course – Featuring WORLD & LIFE TOPICS™

Better Communication

In the 21st century, the way we communicate has forever changed and now moves faster than the speed of life. In addition, good writing takes many forms, but in the world of social media, the need for better communication plays an important role in how ideas are shared.

Practical Online Writing

Better COMMUNICATION in Social Media™ is a 6-week practical (fun!) online writing course that gives YOU a private community where you learn to think in different ways about the world surrounding you, as well as beyond your usual scope and reach.

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Private & Secure

Featuring WORLD & LIFE TOPICS™ – you learn to use a private and secure comment and reply writing system in order to effectively share your ideas. From the beginning, you receive feedback from highly-trained evaluation and assessment specialists, in addition to points and scores for what you successfully produce.

Lifelong Learning

With an emphasis on consistent production, accuracy, and interaction – you improve your writing skills by taking this course while enjoying the process and journey of lifelong learning.

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6-Week Course Plan

Click the link below to learn about course requirements, learner benefits, learning outcomes, and weekly activities.

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Year ‘Round Course Schedule

In order to give you the flexibility of when you can register for and take Better COMMUNICATION in Social Media™ new 6-week courses start the first day of each month – all year ‘round.

Spring 2020

  • 6-week course / start March 1 finish April 11
  • 6-week course / start April 1 finish May 12
  • 6-week course / start May 1 finish June 11

Summer 2020

  • 6-week course / start June 1 finish July 12
  • 6-week course / start July 1 finish August 11
  • 6-week course / start August 1 finish September 11

Fall 2020

  • 6-week course / start September 1 finish October 12
  • 6-week course / start October 1 finish November 11
  • 6-week course / start November 1 finish December 12

Winter 2020-21

  • 6-week course / start December 1 finish January 11
  • 6-week course / start January 1 finish February 11
  • 6-week course / start February 1 finish March 14

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Course Fee: $145 (Here’s What You Do)

  • Register for the course – FREE (no credit card required).
  • Take the first TWO weeks of the course – FREE.
  • If you want to continue (weeks 3-6) you pay the course fee.
  • If you don’t want to continue, there’s no further obligation – GUARANTEED.

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